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Complementary food

How to prepare complementary food

- Feeding the infant in the second half of its first year
- Taste imprinting
- The right timing: how the introduction of the complementary food works best
- Complementary food dishes: ingredients, preparation and storage
- Measures to prevent allergies

In between the 5th and 7th month the baby shows interest in “adult family food”. It’s the time to slowly introduce the complementary food and switch over to a more diversified diet.

But how do I get started on the complementary food? When is the best moment to introduce it for the first time? What kinds of foods are suitable for my baby? What do I have to mind observe during the preparation and storage? Will this food provide my baby with all the nutrients it needs? ….  Parents ask these and many other questions!

This workshop will point out the current recommendations concerning complementary food and tries to respond to all your personal questions. It offers a great possibility to extend your know-how and provides concrete examples for the preparation of complementary food.

Workshop instructor: Isabelle Henschen
M.Sc. in food science; Consultant for children and infants nutrition

Itzig: on demand


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