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Baby PLUS Service

Through the BabyPLUS service families which are expecting a baby or which already have given birth to their baby have the possibility to benefit from early support in order to help them to have a good start in their new family life. The BabyPLUS service is an important information and counselling offer for parents in this new phase of life.
A first welcoming visit after the birth is proposed through a letter. But you can too take the initiative to contact the service at any moment.
During your baby’s first year you can enlist for several cost-free appointments with one of the counsellors of Initiativ Liewensufank. She can come to your home and is listening to your concerns and questions. This is an optional offer.
This service functions in collaboration with different municipalities for all families living in the following ones:

  • Bettembourg  (Tel.: 51 80 80 404 / E-Mail:
  • Betzdorf  (Tel.: 621 69 65 69)
  • Differdange  (Tel.: 58771 - 58 58 / E-Mail:
  • Dudelange  (Tel.: 51 61 21-730 / E-Mail:
  • Kayl Tetange  (Tel.: 56 66 66 444 / E-Mail:
  • Mondorf-les-Bains (Tel.: 36 05 97 30 / E-Mail:
  • Sanem  (Tel.: 59 30 75 888 / E-Mail:

We are discussing with other municipalities to extend the offer.




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